Money Back Guarantee

We provide a money back guarantee from 7 days to 30 days. depending on the service you buy and also the billing cycle you choose as well. Please read below for the terms of the money back guarantee

money back guarantee

What is Money back guarantee?

It has been our mission to help our customers to grow their online business. We invest a lot of time and effort in providing the best products and services. However, if there is a problem related to our products/services that do not meet your needs, you can apply for a cancellation in a number of times according to the billing cycle you selected previously and the service used.

We at Jayahost strive to continuously improve ourselves to serve you well. We really appreciate your valuable input. Send it to us anytime at [email protected]. Thank you again for taking your valuable time and choosing jayahost products & services.

Web Hosting Guarantee

in the hosting warranty, the satisfaction guarantee / without special reasons is valid for 30 days for the annual payment period above and below the annual warranty period is valid for 7 days. During the warranty period, customers can apply for money back if they are not satisfied or do not match. while outside of that, customers can only apply for a guarantee if the hosting has problems with service fees deducted

International Domain Guarantee

Domain registration that has just been registered has a maximum warranty period of 2 days. For example, the client wants to delete the domain or replace it with another domain name, it can still be done within the warranty period, at a cost of Rp. 20 thousand. to change the domain name on cpanel can be submitted for free

Indonesian Domain Guarantee

For Indonesian Domains. Jayahost only guarantees if the domain fails to verify documents only. If the domain has been activated, a refund cannot be submitted.

Forex VPS Guarantee

satisfaction guarantee / no special reason VPS forex is 7 days, within the warranty period customers can apply at any time if they feel unsuitable or dissatisfied and funds can be returned 100%. more than 7 days, the warranty is still there. but only if there are problems with the vps and the service fee that has been used is deducted and the 15% service fee is deducted from the vps price

VPS Hosting Guarantee

before 7 days, the refund will be deducted from the service fee that has been used or a minimum of IDR 10,000.
If more than 7 days. then the service fee that has been used will be deducted + 15% is deducted from the VPS price.

the reason for cutting 15% is because there are costs that we have already spent. for example for affiliates. therefore we cannot do any refund in full

Addendum: Service Extended Warranty

We also offer the same extended warranty as when you sign up for a new service. This warranty is valid from the time the service is paid for. If you request a refund regarding an extension, please note that the relevant service will be removed immediately. Make sure you have considered it carefully before deciding to submit a refund so you don't experience any disruption to your service.

Note: Extended warranty does not apply to domains

Refund terms without special reasons

The purpose of a refund without a reason here is a request for a refund without any reason, such as a server problem or problems caused by us so that it can harm the client if the service is continued.

The purpose of the provision of a money back guarantee without special reasons, so that customers can try our services

here are some of the main points:

  • The service is still in the condition of the satisfaction guarantee period
  • After the refund is approved, customers are not allowed to register for the same service for the next 20 days
  • if the customer has several of the same services on jayahost. Refundable services for this reason are the most recently registered services only
  • Money back guarantee does not apply to clients who commit violations

How to Claim Warranty

Customers can claim warranty by sending a ticket request to the client area. With a warranty claim, it means that the customer agrees that all services and data in it will be deleted

Additional fee

For services paid using Qris, a 2% discount is charged from the price of the service when requesting a refund

For Refund Transfers to Crypto and Foreign currency banks, a transfer fee is charged by the Customer. The minimum that can be transferred is 10 USD . if it's less than that, it can be refunded to the deposit to be replaced with another service

please use Bank Transfer or Bank Transfer automatically if you don't want to be charged a fee when claiming a money back guarantee