Auto Backup and Security

The following is an explanation of how we back up your data

The following is a data security guarantee that can be provided by Jayahost for every service offered by Jayahost

Web Hosting

Web Hoting is equipped with a RAID feature to ensure that if there is unexpected hardware damage, customer data can still be saved. Apart from that, Jayahost also provides a Backup feature which is carried out at least once every 48 hours to provide convenience to customers when making changes that are accidental. However, we do not guarantee that the once-48-hour backup feature is always available. then the client is expected to continue to back up its own data on local devices as well on a regular basis.

Can I access the auto backup file?

Clients can access the web hosting backup feature directly on cpanel and restore it themselves if available

I already have my own backup, can you help to restore it?

If you already have a backup file, you can restore data. to request a restore of data that you previously had, we do not charge a fee, you can contact us to restore your data.

VPS Hosting (Linux or Windows).

By Default, VPS Hosting provides RAID for Hardware Damage protection, but for Periodic Backups this service is sold separately

Forex Windows VPS.

Forex Windows VPS is designed to run EA or Program so that it runs continuously or as a replacement for a computer that crashes 24 hours. not in for Data Storage. make sure there is a copy or copy of your data on the vps on your local computer. such as EA files and also the settings.

on forex vps services, we only guarantee that client data is safe from other parties. but we do not guarantee against hardware damage, we will provide a new VPS if the customer's vps has a problem and cannot be saved, the client can re-upload a copy of the existing data to run EA again

note: most of the EA on meta trader, will automatically continue trading on the new vps, as long as the settings are the same as before