How to Enable Telegram Notifications

Jayahost recommends that you activate notifications via Telegram to get direct and fast notifications. Notifications via Telegram are generally more responsive than email. Additionally, with Telegram, clients also have the convenience of responding and replying to notifications directly through the platform.

How to Activate

STEP 1: Chat with our official telegram CS @jayahost

If you have never chatted before, please click START

STEP 2: type /notif into the chat. then click on the link sent

STEP 3: Please click the link, Login then click "Yes, Continue" to get notification via Telegram

Additional Features

There are several additional features that clients can use if they have activated Telegram notifications, including:

/checkinvoice : with this command, the client can check whether there are any charges on the account, so there is no need to log in to the client portal

/checkdomain : This command allows the client to check whether there is a new domain

How to stop notifications

if you feel that Telegram notifications are annoying or perhaps no longer used. The client can send the following command to stop