Turbo Web Hosting

Hosting with guaranteed dedicated CPU, RAM, and Storage for website and application projects that require resource guarantees.

Hosting Packages As Needed

The best cheap web hosting packages are here, we provide packages for beginners to professionals, please choose according to your needs.

Note: Now Discount Valid for First Year and Renewal



$2.40 /Mo

IDR 14,000/month

suitable for 1 website only

1GB SSD Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Addon Domains

Unlimited Sub Domains

Unlimited Email Accounts

1 Databases


Auto Backup

Free SSL Certificate



$4.90 /Mo

IDR 31,000/month

suitable for multiple web

10GB SSD Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Addon Domains

Unlimited Sub Domains

Unlimited Email Accounts


5 Databases


Python App

Auto Backup

Free SSL Certificate



$7.00 /Mo

$4.90 /Mo

Multi web + super fast

20GB SSD Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Addon Domains

Unlimited Sub Domains

Unlimited Email Accounts


20 Databases

2GB RAM + Extra cpu speed

SSH Access

Python App

Node.js App

Free Domain

Auto Backup

Free SSL Certificate


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Advantages of Cloud Hosting

The benefits of using cloud hosting at Jayahost that make you comfortable and don't want to move

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We not only guarantee the stability of the hardware, but also from the server management side, we also take care of it so that uptime can always be maintained

Superior Speed Performance

Using Litespeed Server so speed becomes very powerful

Powerful Control Panel

Easy to use for anyone but has very powerful features

Who Needs Web Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is designed to meet the needs of websites or applications that
requires guaranteed CPU, RAM, and Storage resources.

Online store

Requires large storage for product image storage as well as dedicated CPU & RAM to ensure access speed.

E-Learning & PPDB

For students' Online Exams. suitable to use this cloud hosting. because of its stability. Besides that, another advantage is that it can be accessed smoothly

Information Systems

Information systems such as online news or company profile websites who want to use their website as information. or it could be the Siakad site

Company E-mail

The Hosting feature also has an email feature. that is, you can create an email according to your own domain / company name. for example [email protected]

News Portal

Create your own beautiful and cool news portal site. certainly also smooth to access. because if it's slow later visitors can go a lot

Remote Database

Access Database from wherever you are. with the remote database feature. This can also be used, for example, if you want to create an Android application that is connected to the Web

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Guarantee for you for 30 days to ensure you are satisfied using the hosting service at Jayahost. because if you are not satisfied, you can claim your money back

Web Hosting vs VPS Hosting

Even though cloud hosting is cheaper than vps, that doesn't mean cloud hosting is worse than vps. In fact, cloud hosting also has advantages that vps do not have

No OS and Service Overhead

Computing resources become more efficient and optimal

VPS will use the respective resources for the OS itself to run. this of course will reduce the performance that should be. while in Cloud Hosting, resources such as RAM or CPU will be allocated for your own needs

Free License Fee

Includes cPanel and Litespeed which are also free

With VPS, the total cost paid is much higher because you have to buy licenses (cPanel/Plesk, Litespeed, Imunify360) per VPS. As for Cloud Hosting, customers no longer need to buy a license because it is included in the service package.

Server managed by Jayahost

Focus on developing websites and applications

If you use a VPS, you are required to have the skills to manage your own server, starting from operating a Linux OS, installing and configuring a web server, database server, and others. By choosing Cloud Hosting, you can focus more on website or application development because Jayahost will manage the servers.

Dedicated & Isolated Resources

No distractions from noisy neighbors

Not all VPS services have dedicated resources. Even if there is, it is usually priced at a high price. On the other hand, Cloud Hosting offers resources with a completely guaranteed level of resource commitment, no more disruption due to excessive usage from other customers on the same server.

Guaranteed Backup

Get rid of the worry of losing important data

Unlike VPS services, where the data backup process must be done manually, Cloud Hosting has facilities that provide a sense of security by automatically and guaranteed backups every week. You can also add a daily backup option in addition to the weekly backups we offer.


Web Hosting is not as free as VPS. this is because all management and all responsibilities related to the server are held directly by Jayahost. this can provide convenience for customers who do not want to be bothered in terms of server management, for customers who are still new to server management. cloud hosting is highly recommended. so that customers can focus on the website alone without having to be confused about the server