Bitcoin is mainly used in transactions on the internet without using intermediaries or not using bank services.

As time goes on, bitcoin is increasingly being used. one of the advantages of bitcoin besides being easy to use, bitcoin also has relatively very cheap transaction fees compared to other payment processors. Seeing this, Jayahost is now accepting payments using bitcoin. here is how to use it

Step 1 as in general, to make a payment we go to the invoice page that we want to pay

Step 2 on the payment method, if you didn't use bitcoin before, please change it to bitcoin

Step 3 Click “pay now” to proceed to the payment page

Step 3 after that it will display the amount to be transferred and the recipient's bitcoin destination address. please do the transfer exactly as shown to the bitcoin address shown

Step 4 if the transfer is successful, the invoice should automatically PAID by itself and just wait for the service to be processed