Before continuing this tutorial. We emphasize that is different from if is a script that is uploaded and run into the hosting. but for is a service to create a blog like Blogger.

What distinguishes from blogger with regard to custom domains is that wordpress is a paid service, while blogger is not.

Here's a short tutorial to change from to

  1. Upgrade your to Premium
  2. Buying a Domain at Jayahost
  3. Doing a Custom Domain
  4. Setting Name server to connect to WordPress

WordPress Upgrade to Premium

Because wordpress only allows the premium version to do custom domains. So we are forced to not be able to use the free version if you want to use wordpress with our own domain. For the price of premium WordPress itself, it ranges from 47 thousand to 500 thousand per month. The price is relatively 11 12 with us buying a hosting. But sometimes we have our own reasons to prefer over which is installed on the hosting.

To buy premium wordpress, you can go to Next Page

Buying Domain

Once we have Domain. We are allowed to do custom domains. To buy a domain, go to the Jayahost page Click here

Please follow the order steps and make payments until the domain is activated.

Do a Custom Domain in WordPress

Return to the Dashboard of your WordPress account. In the sidebar menu, click Manage > Domains.

After that you will be advised to buy the domain also directly from, but because we already have the domain that we ordered from jayahost before, then we can choose Use a domain I own.

Then click Map Your Domain

Now please fill in the domain name that you bought at Jayahost then click Add.

Change Name Server

To change the name server, do the following:

1. Please login to Client Portal

2. Click Domain

3. Select Domain and then click the Name server tab. then navigate to the following name server