if we directly install obs on windows server 2012. chances are we will meet an error like the following picture:

This is because there are several features in Windows 2012 for the desktop that are disabled or not present.

to overcome this we need enable Windows Server Essentials Experience in Server Manager and install Windows Server Essentials Media Pack . here's the tutorial

Activate Windows Server Essentials

To activate it, go to Server Manager => Manage => Add or Remove Features

Then Tick Windows Server Essentials Experience. after that Next

Continue Next and then click install

after that click Close

Download Windows Server Essentials Media Pack and Install

to download it can directly open https://vfxwelcome.jay.id/win2012.html on the vps after that download this section:

after downloading. open it and click next as shown below:

after that restart the vps and try to install the OBS again. If there are still problems, please contact our support to help with the installation