Here are some steps to Install Laravel in cPanel, How to install Laravel in cPanel can be followed through the guide below.

Step 1 – First, please login to cpanel. for tutorial login to cpanel how Click here

Step 2 – On the main cPanel page, look for the Softaculous Apps installer. If you have trouble finding it, it will be easier if you use the search field, then click Softaculous Apps installer.

Softaculous Apps Installer on cPanel

Step 3 – On the Softaculous main page there are several options that can be run. Then, use the search field to search for Laravel. When the Laravel page opens, there will be some information, including the latest updates and storage allocation and the latest Laravel features. Then, click "Install Now" to access the page Software Setup.

Laravel Search Results

Step 4 – Please fill in the fields according to the instructions.

Main page Install Laravel on Softaculous


  • Quick Install, used to perform a simple installation process, and only select the storage folder and domain.
  • Choose Protocol, is used to select what protocol to use: HTTPS or HTTP.
  • Choose Domains, used to select the domain to be installed with Laravel.
  • In Directory, is used to select the storage folder to use for Laravel. If you want to save in the main folder, just leave the field filled in http://yourdomain/ or if you want to save in “folders" then filled http://yourdomain/folder. 
  • Email installation details to, is used to enter an email if you want to get information to the email when the installation process is complete.

Then check again, and make sure there are no errors when charging.

Then click the button "Install" to continue the installation process.

Step 5 – Yeayy! Laravel Installed Successfully, If the installation process was successful and there were no errors, information like the image below will appear.

Laravel Installation Process is complete

Access https://yourdomain/ or https://yourdomain/myfolder to check the installation results.

Here are some steps to install Laravel on cPanel, hopefully it will be useful. 😊😊