when buying hosting at jayahost. we get some additional features, one of which is email hosting, with email hosting we can create our own email using a domain name. here is how to create email in hosting

Step 1 login to cpanel first, how to log in Click here

Step 2 in the email category. select email account on cpanel brother

Step 2 on the e-mail page, click for to create a new email

Step 3 Fill in all the available forms, Username fill in the name of the email that you will create for example [email protected]. Then fill Password you want, and the password is recommended to use capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers. Then fill Storage Space which will be used.

Step 4 After all the forms are filled, click the button For, to start the process of creating an email account, and your email account has been successfully created

That's how to make an email in cpanel, hopefully it's useful 😊😊.