SSL has now become a hosting requirement, since chrome gives an insecure label to websites that do not have SSL. But fortunately this is accompanied by the presence of free SSL.

Automatic SSL will activate by itself if the domain has been directed to the hosting correctly, but sometimes auto SSL can't be activated by itself. If this happens, here's how to fix it:

1. Login to cpanel hosting

To login to cpanel. You can follow the tutorial we sent to the previous email or you can follow the link following tutorial

2. Click Menu SSL Status

3. Check SSL status

Check SSL status. Usually if there is a problem, there will be a red information indicating the status of the SSL problem. Then click View Certificate

Because here the problem is that SSL cannot renew automatically because SSL was not activated using AutoSSL before. So I decided to delete the old certificate first. By clicking Uninstall

4. Run AutoSSL again

Back to the ssl status menu. Then check the ones you want to activate. Namely the main domain name and also www on the domain. Also it's optional if you want it enabled or not, then click Run AutoSSL

The process usually takes a few minutes. Maybe even up to 30 minutes. But you can close the process, then you can reopen it to check the results

If SSL is installed, it will look like this:

Don't forget to set your website so that it redirects to HTTPS, so that visitors are required to access our website via SSL

If there is a problem with activating SSL, please contact us via Support Ticket. Thank you..