For those of you who are used to working with servers or those of you who have a server with a special OS, of course you will face problems not being able to connect to the server when you want to connect Remote Desktop or RDP. If your Remote Desktop server has an error with an error message notification "An Internal Error Has Occurred

You don't need to be confused because the error occurs only when logging into the server, not your server is the problem.
steps to overcome this kind of thing is very easy, here's how:

  • Open your Remote Desktop as usual
  • Please enter your VPS IP Address
  • then click Show Options
  • and click Save US
  • Please give the file name & save it on your desktop to make it easier
  • please check the file where you saved earlier
  • Hover over the file that you saved earlier and right click
    Open with > Choose another app
  • Then you will be directed to the option that the file will be opened via the selected application,
    and select App Notepad > OK
    note: Always use….. << don't check it

  • The Remote Desktop file that you saved as now you open via the App Notepad and it looks like there are some codes.
    Your job is just to add a little code at the very bottom itself.
  • Please enter the code below into your Notepad file;

    Code : enablecredsspsupport:i:0

  • If the code has been entered, please exit or click the icon (X) in the corner of the Notepad App and click Save to save changes.
  • After the step by step above has been run, usually the error problem has been resolved.
  • Next you stay Click 2 times in the file that you edited earlier,
  • after that enter your VPS password
  • after you can login, click start then type gpedit.msc then enter
  • then go to Computer Configuration => Administrative Templates => Windows Components => Remote Desktop Session Host => Security
  • double click Require use of specific security layer
  • select Enabled, security layer select RDP . then OK

Here's a video tutorial for those of you who are still having trouble >>

NB: if you are still having trouble, please contact us for help, we will help you to fix it