You can change the vps password to make it easier to remember. Here is the tutorial:

1. Login to your RDP Server (make sure you use the “administrator” account)

2. Double click on Computer Management.

3. In Computer Management click Local Users And Groups then click User on the tab on the right, then Right click on username Administrator then select "Set Password", after that Click Proceed.

4. Then enter your password on the New Password and Confirm Password (Password on New and Confirm must be the same & Minimum 3 characters (Lowercase, Uppercase and Numbers) ). When finished entering the new password, please click OK.

5. After click OK on the window Set Password for Administrator, a new window will appear (Pop Up). just click OK just. and, A new password has been created.

Note: If you have changed your password, make sure don't be forgotten. because of us did not record your new password. And if you have already forgotten, the only way is reinstall VPS.