To login and VPS remote on android we need a Remote Desktop application that allows us to control a computer via a remote internet network including VPS. Lots of such apps are available for free on Google Play (android) or in the App Store (iPhone) you just have to download it, for example I use an application called "Microsoft Remote Desktop" to remote VPS from Android/iPhone.

First Make sure you have downloaded/installed the application Microsoft Remote Desktop in your cell phone.

We recommend using Remote Desktop version 8 because it is stable to use to open Windows 7 or Windows 10 VPS. Can be downloaded via ApkPure Click here

But if you use a Windows 10 vps. can use Remote Desktop 10 which is in the play store / App store at this time

Second, Open the Remote Desktop application that you have installed, and click the icon (+) in the upper side corner and select Desktop.

Third, please enter your VPS IP address in the PC name. If so, let's move on to User name and select Add user account.

Fourth, in the Add user account section, please enter your User name and Password, then click SAVE & SAVE (the top corner) if it is correct, enter the user name, password and also the VPS IP address

Fifth, And it will look like this. Then you just click the middle of the VPS icon that you input earlier, click and wait for the process.
Sixth, Then check the "Never ask again for connection to this PC”, so that the next notification like this does not appear again. And click CONNECT.

Seventh, And you will be connected to your VPS like the example in this picture..

The next step how to logout from the VPS without having to turn off the VPS so that the applications that are running on the VPS continue to run.
First step : you just press BACK twice on your cellphone.
Second Way : please click the icon ( = ) then click the sign ( X ) on the side. For more details, please see the image below.

NB: If the VPS display on your cellphone is in portrait position and you want to change the landscape like the picture above, please select the menu Display in your Remote Desktop application, in the Orientation Please select Lock to landscape.

## Good luck ##