Jayahost recommends for forex vps customers to restart the vps at least once every 2 weeks. this is so that the vps is always fresh. restart the vps can be done on saturday or sunday. or when the market is on holiday so as not to interfere with trading activities.

to restart we Suggest it to do it directly from vps. because restarting in the member area is a forced restart. use a forced restart only when pressed, for example when you can't access the vps.

here is how to restart directly from vps

Windows 7

To Restart Windows 7 on Remote Desktop VPS. You can do this by double clicking "Restart VPS" on the desktop

Windows Server 2012

For Windows server 2012 you can directly click Start => then Power => Restart vps

Windows 10

For Windows 10 customers can restart directly from start. like windows server 2012. how to click Start => Power => Restart

How to Restart Through Member Area (only if forced)

if we can't access the vps and require a restart, we don't allow it to do it on the vps. we can do it through the member area. the way is as follows

  1. go to portal.jayahost.com site
  2. login to members area
  3. Click Service
  4. Select the VPS then scroll down

To restart the VPS forcibly please click Stop VPS then Start VPS . wait about 2 minutes then try to access the vps again

here is a tutorial to restart the vps. If there are problems, please contact our Support Team