If you want to transfer a domain, you can read the article following.

The following is a tutorial for transferring domains and hosting, here is the mechanism:

  1. Registering Hosting at Jay.id
  2. Doing a domain transfer order when registering a domain
  3. Navigate to Name server to Jay.id
  4. Perform data transfer from the old hosting to Jay.id . or you can ask Jay.id for help to move it

while the terms for the domain transfer are the same as for the domain transfer, namely:

  1. Domain age is at least 60 days before transfer
  2. The maximum age limit for the domain is 30 days before expiration
  3. There is an EPP Code (a unique domain code in the form of a combination of characters, letters and numbers
  4. Domain is UNLOCK (Theft Protection is DISABLE)
  5. specifically for Indonesian TLD domains (.co.id, .web.id etc.) require additional requirements (photocopy of ID card, SIUP/trademark, and PT Deed). or can be seen at following article

Step 1 according to the brief mechanism described above, the first step is to register hosting at Jay.id, to register hosting at Jay.id, the first is to go to www.jay.id/web-hosting

Step 2 Select the desired hosting package. then click buy now

Step 3 This is important, this distinguishes between ordering hosting and registering a new domain or transferring a domain. Brother, you can choose the middle one, which is the option to transfer the domain as shown in the following picture

Step 4 Choose the billing period for hosting, remember this is the period for hosting, because here you are ordering a domain and hosting, we recommend choosing an annual course so that the period is the same as the domain, and of course if you register yearly it will be cheaper too

Step 5 Enter the EPP Code of the domain that was obtained from the previous domain service provider

Step 6 Review your order, make sure it's correct, namely the hosting order and the domain transfer. then click finish to complete registration

Step 7 Do registration

Step 8 Confirm the link sent to the email to continue the domain transfer

Step 9 point to the Jay.id name server from the previous domain registrar, so that during the domain transfer, you can use hosting at Jay.id without having to wait for the domain transfer to complete first.

Step 10 Move the data from the previous hosting to Jay.id, for the data transfer, you can do it yourself or ask our help to move it