sometimes we need to transfer files such as EA or it could be other files to the VPS or vice versa. if from the PC we just copy and paste from the computer to the VPS, but on the cellphone it's a little more complicated. but still easy, here's how:

Step 1 go to Remote Desktop app

Step 2 tap icon then click edit

scroll down and activate Storage

Step 4 then exit and enter the iOS app named Files , entered into iPhone storage => then enter the file you want to transfer to the vps to that folder. like the picture below I want to transfer good photos to vps

Step 5 then enter the VPS and open Explorer, then you will find the file in the folder Documents on (device name)

after that, you can just copy and paste. whereas if you want to transfer from a vps to a device, just copy it and paste it into the drive. the file will automatically appear in the RD Client folder in the files application