For Windows VPS users, especially Windows 7, if you experience problems the broker server you want doesn't appear, here are tips and alternative ways if when we Add New Broker on MT4 can not find the desired broker.

Sometimes on the local MT4 PC/Laptop we use the borker server that we use. For example, FBS-Real-10, but not on the VPS. For a solution to this problem, it can be solved by copying config from other MT4, where MT4 there is a broker server needed.

Here's a short tutorial to copy config on Metatrader:

1. Try switching to MT4 which has a broker server, for example on a PC. Please click Menu File > then click Open Data Folder

2. After that please click Config Folder Folder

3. After entering the Config folder, Copy File Broker server needed

Next step :

  • Please open MT4 which previously didn't have a broker server
  • Do the same thing as in the tutorial above to enter the Config folder folder

The difference in the final stage is not copied, but pasted in the config folder on MT4.

To transfer files from outside the VPS / PC is quite simple, you can copy and paste as usual, copy from PC then paste in the VPS.