If there are many websites that we cannot open using a VPS. This can happen because the SSL Certificate on our windows vps has expired. This problem usually can also cause other problems related to SSL for example not being able to use url based such as Telegram notifications, meta trader notifications etc.

What we need to do is update the certificate. The certificate will be automatically updated when we update our windows. However, it is not recommended because it can cause the VPS to be slow.

Here is a solution to solve the problem without updating. Everything that needs to be downloaded is already available at vfxwelcome.jay.id . Which is the first time we open the browser in the VPS.

  1. Download SSL FIX: fix ssl can also be downloaded from vfxwelcome in the VPS browser.
  2. Download Chrome: please download the chrome browser that has been provided on the VPS. to get the most recent browser service.
  3. Restart the VPS: after installing SSL Fix and also Chrome. Please restart the VPS to apply the update.

After doing the 3 simple steps above, the problems experienced with SSL should have been resolved. Good luck..