wordpress is a very popular CMS for creating websites, this is because it is very easy to use and also the support services from 3rd parties are very much scattered. even themes and plugins almost everything we need is already there. but because of that convenience, wordpress is also not the most immune website from viruses or hacking actions.
because the management of wordpress is relatively easy. how to secure wordpress is also relatively very simple and easy too. Check out our tips below:

1. Don't use pirated themes or plugins
We strongly do not recommend using pirated themes or plugins. this is because you will not get support from the provider of the theme or plugin that you are using. In addition, it is feared that pirated plugins and themes may have malicious programs embedded by irresponsible people. It is recommended that you download the theme / plugin directly from your wp-admin or only from the official website of the third party service you are using. free themes/plugins are fine. but if you have the money to buy a premium one that's even better. but don't use pirated premium themes/plugins from the internet

2. Perform periodic updates
try to update regularly. for example once a few months, or just activate automatic updates on wordpress. don't forget to also do regular updates on the themes and plugins you use, if you use official themes/plugins you will usually get regular updates from the developer

3. Make a backup of your website
It is recommended that you have at least 1 backup on your website. You can download website backups from the "Backup" menu on the Jayahost cpanel. backup just in case, if there is a problem with a website, whether intentional or not

here are some simple tips to secure your wordpress website