what distinguishes managed and unmanaged here is the support. here are the differences

Unmanaged VPS

Unmanaged vps means that the management of the vps is outside the vps seller, because all access will be given to the client, including the root password. The advantage of Unmanaged VPS is that the client has the right to do anything with the VPS. but because of this, there is no support for the use of vps. and the vps seller only guarantees stability in terms of hardware only

Managed VPS

Managed VPS is of course the opposite of unmanaged vps. which is where the vps seller helps manage the vps client. Usually managed vps are vps designed for special needs, for example a special vps for hosting. the drawback is that the client cannot be free to manage the vps themselves and the cost is certainly more expensive for support costs

currently jayahost VPS hosting service at jayahost is only available in the unmanaged version

If you use vps hosting for forex purposes, then you will get support like a forex vps. can be read here