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The best affordable Windows Vps for your Forex Robot, Running the Expert Advisor for 24 hours , can be monitored from anywhere

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Register your name and business idea with a wide selection of domain extensions according to your business field

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Remote Desktop VPS

Optimized Windows VPS. Offers a wide selection of VPS packages that allow you to use 1 VPS for several MetaTrader simultaneously.

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$4 USD


Hosting with guaranteed dedicated CPU, RAM, and Storage for website and application projects that require resource guarantees.

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$2 USD

VPS Hosting

VPS services that are superior to VPS Remote Desktop

SSL Certificate

Security protocol to protect the data your server sends and receives.

Google Suite

Presents Google services, such as Email, Google Drive, and others.

Cloud Hosting

No need to bother taking care of the server yourself. Focus more on your website.

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Not sure about Jayahost's services? Don't worry, we provide a money back guarantee to ensure our clients' satisfaction

Guarante for 30 Days for a minimum 1 year registration, while monthly registrations get a satisfaction guarantee for 7 Days , Uptime Guarantee during subscription


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Don't hesitate to start your steps in cyberspace with Jayahost. It doesn't matter whether you are a newbie or an expert, we are always here to help.

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Feel free to contact us via livechat, phone and email whenever you need help.

Complete Tutorials

There are very complete tutorials in the form of articles and videos to guide you in using web hosting.

Uptime Guarantee

Uptime guarantee The 99% is supported by multi-backbone internet, equipped with anti-DDOS, reliable server, and dynamic firewall.


Questions about Indonesian web hosting and domain name registration at Jayahost

Why should you have a website? Isn't there social media?

While social media is important in building an online presence, having a website still has its advantages. By owning a website, you have complete control over its content, design and functionality. You can build a unique brand identity, provide complete information about products and services, and customize the appearance of the website according to your needs. In addition, a quality and professional website helps build a solid business image and increases customer trust. By using the right SEO strategy, a website also allows potential customers to find your business through search engines like Google.

What is hosting and why do I need it?

Hosting is a service that provides server space to store your files, data and website content. With hosting, your website can be accessed via the internet. You need hosting to make your website accessible online to visitors.

What's the difference between shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting?

Shared hosting is when you share server resources with other users. VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) provides a virtually isolated hosting environment, whereas dedicated hosting is when you own a physical server exclusively. Shared hosting is more affordable, VPS hosting offers greater scalability and control, while dedicated hosting provides the highest performance and complete control.

How to choose the right hosting package?

When choosing a hosting package, consider your needs such as the type of website, traffic and resources required. Also pay attention to factors like reliability, speed, customer support and features provided by the hosting provider.

Can I transfer my domain to a new hosting service?

Yes, usually you can transfer your domain to a new hosting provider. The process involves transferring domain authorization to a new hosting provider and setting up DNS settings properly. You will need to contact your hosting provider for further instructions and assistance.

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