Forex Remote Desktop VPS

Cheap Quality Remote Desktop VPS (Best for Forex) is an optimized windows vps, we provide several choices of VPS packages that allow you to use 1 vps for several meta traders at once.

Find The Best VPS Windows Package

Here are the vps package options that you can choose from, if you are confused by this choice, read our tutorial to determine.



$5.00 /Mo

$4.90 /Mo

Recommended 3 MT4/MT5

768 MB RAM

1 Core CPU

20GB Disk Space

Remote Desktop Support

Windows 7 OS



$6.00 /Mo

$5.00 /Mo

Recommended 4 MT4/MT5


1 Core CPU

30GB Disk Space

Remote Desktop Support

Windows 7/10 OS



$11.00 /Mo

$10.00 /Mo

Recommended 8 MT4/MT5


2 Cores CPU

40GB Disk Space

Remote Desktop Support

Windows 7 / 10 / 2012 OS



$14.00 /Mo

$13.00 /Mo

Recommended 12 MT4/MT5


2 Cores CPU

45GB Disk Space

Remote Desktop Support

Windows 7 / 10 / 2012 OS



$19.00 /Mo

$18.00 /Mo

Recommended 17 MT4/MT5


3 Cores CPU

50GB Disk Space

Remote Desktop Support

Windows 7 / 10 / 2012 OS

The number of Meta Traders that can be used in vps Read here

if you need to install mt5. please choose vps windows 10. for mt4 it's still smooth on windows 7




The Best VPS With The Best Network

A special Windows VPS optimized for forex trading. support both Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5

Windows Based

Using Windows OS which is very compatible for current metatrader

Always On

Always-ON 24 hours to keep your Expert Advisor working for you all the time

Remote Desktop

Access your remote desktop from anywhere. Windows / Mac / Linux / iOS or Android

MT4 / MT5 Support

It can be used for Meta Trader 4 & Meta Trader 5 because it uses Windows

Advantages of Forex vps at Jayahost

  • NSupport well both of MT4 or MT5. you can install according to each Broker.
  • N24 hours VPS will work continuously for your trading.
  • NVPS based on windows. can run any kind of windows application,
  • NAccess your remote desktop from anywhere. Windows / Mac / Linux / iOS or Android

Questions about VPS forex

Here are some frequently asked questions by our clients about forex VPS. if you have other questions please contact us

Could we Instal other application axcept Meta Trader?

You can install any Windows application in VPS. not only meta trader. We don't limit your creativity in VPS. however applications other than meta trader is out of our support.


Could we Upgrade to a higher package?

VPS can be upgraded to a higher package, you only need to pay the difference in payment and only pay for the remaining active period.


Could we access VPS from a different OS?

You don't need to equate computer OS with VPS. It can even be accessed from non-Windows OS, for example, Mac, Android / iOS

What is Swap/pagefile?

In a Windows VPS. swap term is called Pagefile, pagefile by default is 2x of the main RAM. but you can set yourself how many pagefiles you want


Does provide Expert Advisor? doesn't provide Expert Advisor, but you can look for it yourself in the trading community to get Expert Advisor. such as in the group Sharing EA Free on Facebook.


Which VPS Location is good for me?

If you want maximum trading, Europe is recommended because most of the broker's servers are in the west, but if you want more responsive access, Singapore is recommended. but it can also be adjusted to other needs.

Refund Guarantee

Guaranteed for 7 Days for dissatisfied customers. so you can try the quality of our services. please learn about the warranty we provide

Need a help?

You don't need to worry, we will always help you, please contact us via Support ticket or Email. we will help you set up your domain until it's done

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We provide support via Telegram or Messenger, so contacting us becomes easier. for LiveChat support working hours click This Page