one of the very powerful linux admin is through SSH, with ssh we can manage our Linux server in full. start installing application modules and so on, everything can be done here based on Text Mode. here is how to login to SSH:

If We Use Windows
If we use Windows, we can first download the SSH application, for example a very popular one is PuTTY, Download Here

after we download and then open it, this is what PuTTY looks like

Then enter your IP, then click Open. After that you will be asked to enter your Username and Password. input as sent to email when vps has been activated

besides PuTTY, there is another SSH program that we highly recommend, namely Smartty, which can be downloaded download here

If We Use Linux / MacOS
If we use this Unix-based system, we simply open Terminal and type ssh [email protected] . for example ssh [email protected] . after that you are asked to enter our VPS password