about a week before it runs out, we will send an invoice to your email, to go to the invoice page you can click the link sent with the email

or you can also go directly via the client portal to view the renewal invoice. here's how

  1. Login to Client Portal
  2. Click Bill
  3. a new bill will appear for extension, please click
    the new bill for renewal will appear in the billing menu. you can click and make payment
  4. now you will enter the billing details as sent to the email, and you can make the payment
    pay as shown on your screen. then click the confirm button after transfer

Make sure to only confirm payments in the space provided to avoid mistakes

– Extension without waiting for an invoice for renewal

Apabila invoice perpanjangan belum terbit namun ingin melakukann perpanjangan, client bisa melakukan langkah berikut:

1. Masuk ke Client Portal, then select your Services menu.

2. After entering your product/service details, please click on the button ( + Extended Service … )

3. Then please check the details displayed, if it is appropriate, please click Renew

After you click, it will automatically renewal invoice will be created. 

Clients can also use the Deposit feature, later the deposit will automatically be deducted if there is a new invoice. by logging into Client Portal => Billing => Deposit

deposit note: if the renewal invoice already exists, please pay the existing invoice first, then make a deposit, or if you pay an invoice of more than IDR 1000 it will automatically be entered into the deposit