Sometimes we need to transfer files such as EA, indicator or it could be other files to VPS or vice versa. If from a PC we just copy and paste from a computer to a VPS, but on Android it's a little different.

Before you connect to the VPS, you can check the settings in the Remote Desktop Application, here's how:

Step 1.  Log in to your Remote Desktop app

Step 2. Tab icon ( … ) and click Edit

Step 3. Click Show additional options and scroll down and activate Redirect local storage then SAVE and will return to the main page of the Remote Desktop application

Step 4. Then you tap to connect as usual, then it will come out like in the picture below. and check Local Storage, then Connect

Step 5. After connecting to the VPS, you just have to open it Windows Explorer on your VPS. There you will see the local storage of your cellphone, and copy and paste the file you want to transfer.

Step 6. For example, I copy files from my cellphone to the Document folder on my VPS

Note: if the file transfer between cellphones to a VPS is no longer needed, you should disable it Redirect locar storage In order to make it easier for us to access VPS, please reactivate it if you need to transfer files to a VPS or vice versa