jayahost has released the latest payment method, namely the automatic bank transfer method. where this payment method allows customers to make transfers without having to confirm payment

Supported payments

to use automatic payment methods. the customer must make a transfer via same bank who can write Transfer News, therefore customers cannot make transfers from other banks or through ATMs . if the customer wants to transfer through another bank or ATM, they can change it to the usual bank payment method. currently supported automatic payments are BCA, BNI, and INDEPENDENT

How to use

Customer can choose payment method Automatic Bank Transfer when placing an order, or you can also change to that payment method when invoiced

customers are required to write down transfer reports when making transfers, therefore customers are advised to use mobile banking or internet banking which allows writing this down. therefore customers cannot use other banks or via ATM. because it is not possible to write down the transfer news.

after the transfer, the customer can check "I have transferred, check payment". or it could be unnecessary, because the system will automatically check the payment every few minutes, then it will automatically be paid if the payment has entered according to the provisions

if the customer makes a transfer more than what is on the invoice, the funds will automatically be entered into the deposit, which can be used to pay the next invoice

Automatic Activation

Automatic payment method. will automatically perform Hosting Activation, Domain Activation, Google Suite Activation, Extend Hosting, Extend domain, Extend VPS. specifically for VPS activation and VPS extension when suspended. we will process a maximum of 30 to 60 minutes during working hours. billing working hours on normal days at 8:00 – 16:00 and 18:00 – 23:59 WIB, more details can be checked at following link

Payment Hours

Customers can make payments at any time. but for 1 to 4 am. our checks are disabled, because at that time usually mutations at the bank are offline and allow for problems. but customers need not worry. because after that hour. the system will automatically check again, and violaa.. the payment will automatically be validated