Domains on the internet have a life cycle, where the domain is initially available to the public, owned by someone or may even be available again because the owner does not renew the domain.
the following is a table of how the domain cycles:

status description
Available Domains In this status the domain is still available to the public, it can still be registered by anyone who wants to register a domain, who can get the domain first.
Registered The domain is already owned by someone, according to the purchase period. as long as the Domain is extended, it will still belong to that party, but if the domain is not renewed, it will automatically go to the next stage.
40 Days
Domain Expired Status is the domain has been suspended, this is because it was not renewed by the domain owner. Expired domains can still be renewed at normal prices, if the owner renews the domain, it will automatically become active again.
30 days
this is the last offer for the domain owner after the Expired domain has not been renewed, but if the owner really wants this domain, he must pay a 10x renewal fee to reactivate it.
Pending Deleted
5 days
Domain status will be deleted, in this status the owner or other people cannot do Renewal, New Activation etc. wait until next status
Domain Re-Available Domains are available again to the public, can be re-registered by anyone.